Adrian Lim Division

Division Sharing

The last Adrian lim Division sharing was conducted on 20/12/2019 to end 2019 in good shape. Glad to host this session on behalf of Div heads. 

My invited guest speaker Chris Pang gave a really insightful about his story of his pain, struggle and achievement in 2019 — it was essentially a great mind map for new associate and a great reminder for experienced agents who’ve been in comfort zone for a while.

Very unique perspective as someone like him whose receiving end of the pitched in the past and is now on the pitching of the stories to others !  He broke his success into 20 Steps of the Presentation Flow and many of us have so much takeaway from this fantastic formula.. 

Thank you Rezt & Relax Wilson Teh and his team Ashley Chan Joven and Tony of the  X'mas cookie, it warm every #MLDian's heart. 

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